Interesting places to visit in Ljuder

On this page there is a selection of places worth visiting in the parish of Ljuders and surroundings.


At the place we today call Korpamoen there once lay a farmstead attached to the manor house of Bondeskog. Vilhelm Moberg and his father used to stay at the smallholding during his hikes to Åkerby, where the father of Vilhelm Moberg would collect his soldier's pay from the representative of the Swedish crown.

Vilhelm Moberg fell in love with the place. The fact that they were wretched and poor made it a perfect location to place Karl-Oskar and Kristina in the book The Emigrants'.


It was not possible to make the film The Emigrants' [Utvandrarna] at Korpamoen so it was filmed at Klasatorpet instead

This smallholding acquired its name from the dragoon Per Klase. In 1827 the farmstead was entered in the parish register; at that time under the name of Klockaremålen. In the year 1853 the parish clerk Abraham Abrahamsson and his family emigrated to America. They became Långasjö's very first emigrants out of a total of 1450 persons who were to emigrate.

After this, the real smallholder period of Magnus Andersson commenced. When his successor took over, Magnus built a small cottage [undantagsstuga] where he lived for the rest of his life.

Ljuder Local History Museum and the America Room

Ljuder Local History Association has been in existence since 1928. The museum is located by the church in Ljuder. There are approximately 300 objects on view here.

At the Community Centre (the yellow building right opposite the church) is found the America Room. Here there are mementoes and information on the Emigration to America. There is also literature on the emigrants and records of the emigrants.
Over the years 1852-1930, no less than 1,100 of Ljuder's inhabitants emigrated to the Great Land in the West.

Opening times:
Weekdays 13.00 -17.00 h (15/6 - 15/8)
Saturday & Sunday 13.00 -17.00 h (1/6 - 31/8)

Ljuder Church & Stables for Churchgoers

Ljuder's present church was inaugurated in 1846. Read more on the Hovmantorp-Ljuder parish homepage.

Åkerby Crossroads

In 1974, the Local History Association raised a monument to the emigrants next to the Åkerby road fork. Vilhelm Moberg's long-standing friend formulated the following statement:
"Here at the Åkerby fork the journey to the West started for many. For the dream of freedom and livelihood they left their home district. Vilhelm Moberg brought them to life in his epic on the emigrants."

On the back of the stone a map of Ljuder has been chiselled together with the text "Vårda, värna och vörda Din hembygd under din tid på jorden" [Look after, defend and venerate your home district during your time on Earth]