Stay with good conscience

Here at Grimnäs Herrgård we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and are dedicated to supporting and enhancing our local community whilst providing the best possible guest experience. The land around us is a conservation area and receives care in consultation with the County Board and the Board of Forestry. This means that our ancient forests of oaks and hazel groves are protected in perpetuity - after all we do not own the land we have only borrowed it from our children!

Some of the other measures we have in place are:

  • Laundry is provided by a Swan accredited laundry for reduced environmental impact
  • We clean with Nordic Swan Labeled products
  • We buy electricity from solar power
  • Lighting is all low energy or LED
  • Many lights and all fans are controlled by motion sensors for energy conservation
  • We weed manually and use only KRAV labeled vinegar to remove persistent weeds
  • We have air / air heat pumps to reduce electricity consumption and provide better quality heat
  • The food is eco-labeled, organic and local with our Kitchen achieving Level Two Krav certification
  • Our farm is run using organic practices without the aid of harsh chemical fertilisers or pesticides. 

We strive to continuously improve our and as part of our commitment to this we have joined Swedish Welcome who independently grade our achievements.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!